Reflection on the ‘Screencast-O-Matic’ Workshop

Salam & Hello everybody! 

Finally, we managed to execute the workshop that had been planned since the beginning of the semester! 🙂 Alhamdulillah.  The workshop was held on Thursday (8 December 2016) at Computer Lab 3 from 3.00 pm till 6.00 pm.

Honestly, I felt quite worried about this course since I’m not a Techno person and something regarding technology has always made me anxious initially. Nevertheless, throughout the semester, I feel at ease as I’ve enjoyed the lesson so much owing to my classmates who are very helpful, cooperative and come with different personalities. The major reason I still stay, was because of the lecturers!! :’) Dr. Fariza & Dr. Rosseni are among the best. Yes, they are very loving, concern and hardworking! I’m gonna miss these two lecturers of the course, and not forgetting the beloved dean Prof. Norazah. Even though, we didn’t have much opportunities to learn with her, yet she’s very optimistic too and I love to see her,though! She’s pretty! Virtual hugs to them!!

Speaking of the workshop, we chose the Screencast-O-Matic as it is very suitable to the participants level of competency in technology and referring to their requirement, they need something that could facilitate their presentation. However, we agreed to introduce Powtoon and Prezi as well but just a brief one since we have prepared a website and pamphlet  for them to explore more on the usage of these two applications.  To ensure the workshop would be successfully done, the committee members were formed beforehand. Some of us have been assigned to be the facilitators, designing banner team, Invitation letter team etc.  It was fun to construct the letter and send to all the VVIP guests; our lecturers. And yes, to Dr. Fariza, thank you for replying my emails! Hugs!

Today, I would like to say a bunch of thanks to my dear beloved team as they had given their full cooperation and without them, everything seemed possible. By the way, guess who has been the emcee of the day? 😀 I feel very honored  anyway. Thank you dear coursemates for your trust and appointed me to be the emcee. Although it was not much and I think some of you could do better than me, but the opportunity given was such a blessed :’).

Last but not least, I really hope the experience and knowledge we gained throughout the workshop would help us to be a better educator and also learner. I personally think, the participants were quite satisfied with the workshop based on their feedback. Hereby, I have attached the picture of the workshop, all the coursemates’ picture with Dr. Rosseni & Dr. Fariza. Gonna miss this class! Take care everyone. 🙂

It's a wrap! 'Bengkel Pembinaan Bahan Digital Screencast-O-Matic' . Done my job, secretary cum emcee cum fasilitator :D

It’s a wrap! ‘Bengkel Pembinaan Bahan Digital Screencast-O-Matic’ . Done my job, secretary cum emcee cum fasilitator 😀

The Workshop Website

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