Singing Fantasia

English Festival 2016: Singing competition
Details of event:
Date             : 5th October (Wednesday)
Time.           : 2pm – 5pm
Venue          : Innovation Room
This event was conducted in order to improve students’ soft skills especially speaking skills with the hashtag ‘Dream Big’.The contestants were chosen among the students with two representatives for each class. In total, the are 8 contestants competing for that day. The judges were selected based on some experiences or knowledge that they have based on musical performances.  The result were given based on a guidelines prepared by the committee members for the singing competition.
The healthy competitive elements were seen visibly as everyone were doing their best to impress the judges with their skills and most importantly their clear pronunciation of English Words correctly. Some of them, were very shy personally yet manage to overcome all and came out of the shell by trying they best. Those who were not participating yet have become a very supportive audiences by cheering their friends up. It shows their team spirit have been strengthened and solidified. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone is participate and boost up their confidence were accomplished!